What to avoid in Slots

People often talk about what players should do in regards to slots strategy. But what usually gets left out of this discussion is what slots players shouldn’t do. This being said, here is a look at some big “don’ts” when playing the game.

Avoid playing at Casinos that don’t offer Good Rewards – One of the best ways to earn money back on losses while chasing a big slots jackpot is to play at casinos with good rewards. So if you’re playing at a land-based casino, the venue should have a good reputation for giving out lots of comps; if you are playing online slots, the casino should have a generous VIP program in place. Assuming there aren’t many benefits at a certain casino, avoid playing there because you stand to win less money in slots this way.

Don’t play Progressive Slots if your Bankroll is Small – Some slots players get trapped into the mindset that they have to play progressive games in order to chase huge jackpots. Unfortunately, the problem with this is that almost every progressive jackpot game requires players to bet the max coin denomination possible, which can really hammer a small bankroll. For instance, progressive slots often require players to bet $1 or more on every spin to qualify for the jackpot. So if you don’t have a lot of money, pick games that don’t force you to wager the max amount to win big.

Resist using Risky Betting Systems – If you’re tired of using a standard flat betting strategy in slots, it can be fun to use a system to make things more exciting. However, you should watch out for some of the riskier systems because they can drain your bankroll really quickly. In the end, you know your bankroll better than anybody else, so don’t let an outside strategy tell you how to wager.

Complicated Slots Games when you’re a Beginner – While slots games don’t require you to be a brain surgeon to play, some are definitely more complicated than others. That said, you should start with the less complicated games like 3 reel slots, and work your way up to the more involved games like 5 reel slots with multiple paylines.