Slots Tips & Strategy Guide



One of the biggest myths in online slots is that the game doesn’t involve any strategy. People who subscribe to this notion think that slots is entirely random, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to improve your chances of winning. Obviously though, we wouldn’t be offering this section if the previous statement was true. Keeping this in mind, let’s look at some online slots strategy that will greatly improve your chances on the reels.

Look at Payout Percentages

Out of all of the slots tips, the most commonly preached one is that you need to look for games with high payout percentages. The reason why is because these are the games that provide the best payouts based on every dollar you spend. For instance, on a 95% payout game, the average player will get back $0.95 on every dollar they spend. Of course, these numbers are skewed – especially in games with big progressive jackpots – so you also need to look at payout frequency.

Measure Payout Frequency

If you’re unfamiliar with payout frequency, this concept looks at how frequently you can expect to win with each slots game. For example, on a slots game with a huge progressive jackpot, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a lot of frequent wins – even if the payout percentage is high. However, on a classic, 3 reel slots game with lots of small payout symbols, you’ll earn a lot more frequent wins. Unfortunately, looking the quantity of small number payouts is pretty much the only way to determine payout frequency. But it’s still worth doing for players who have small bankrolls and need to pick up lots of small wins along the way.

Determine how Long your Bankroll will Last

After finding a good slots machine by using payout percentage and payout frequency, the next piece of slots strategy you need to know involves determining how long your bankroll will last. To illustrate how to do this, let’s say that you make $1 bets on each spin, you’re playing on a 93% payout game, and you make 300 spins an hour. Assuming you have a bankroll of $200, you can plug these numbers into this formula (bet amount X percentage of money lost X spins per hour) to find out how long your bankroll will last. When you do the math (1 X 0.07 X 300), you’ll find that this bankroll would last nearly 10 hours on average. This formula is very useful for determining how long you have to play for a jackpot before replenishing your bankroll.