Slots Stop Spin – Good or Bad?

Online slots is great because there are lots of helpful features and functions that players can use to enhance gameplay. For example, those who already know how much they want to bet on each spin can just use the autospin feature to keep the reels going. Another commonly used feature is the stop spin button, which we’re going to discuss in-depth right now.

With stop spin, you can manually stop the reels whenever you want – instead of letting the game halt the reels for you. There are two reasons why players like this function with the first being that they think stop spin gives them a skill advantage, and the other is that this button lets players get more spins in. Unfortunately, neither reason is a major benefit for the stop spin feature, despite what people may tell you.

Essentially being able to make more spins per hour will cost you more money while playing online slots because of the house edge. For example, if you’re playing on a slots game where you receive a 95% payout percentage, this means that, on average, the casino has a 5% edge over you. Now this isn’t too bad when you’re chasing a life-changing jackpot, but it’s a long-term house edge nonetheless.

We also mentioned earlier that some people think they get a skill advantage by using the stop spin function. The reasoning is that they’re stopping the reels when the correct symbols are supposedly lining up. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to time up the reels of a slots game perfectly, and casinos wouldn’t include the stop spin button if this were feasible.

So in the end, you should note that the stop spin button really only helps casinos earn more profit through slots games. Now this isn’t to say it can’t ever be helpful – especially for those who want to get several slots spins in before rushing off to go somewhere; however, don’t get this idea that a stop spin button is the key to you winning lots of money. Instead, it just gives the casino more expected value since players are making more spins.