Slots Bonus

Slots Bonus

You can gain a huge advantage in slots just by taking advantage of the different online slots bonuses at internet casinos. And the first slots bonus that you should be concentrating on is the signup bonus. As the name implies, a signup bonus offers players a bonus when they sign up and make a deposit at an online casino. The bigger your first deposit is, the larger the signup bonus you get to play for.

Of course, you also have to look at the maximum bonus that can be earned, as well as the wagering requirements for unlocking the bonus payout. A common example of a slots bonus size is 100% up to $200, meaning you’ll get a 100% match on any deposit up to $200. While many casinos will make this bonus available to you immediately, you can’t cash it out until meeting the aforementioned wagering requirements.

Most online casinos will make you wager anywhere from 20X to 50X the deposit + bonus amount before cashing out the online slots bonus. So if you deposited $200, you would have to bet a total of $8,000 in online slots games before the entire bonus is yours using the 20X wagering requirements [($200 deposit amount + $200 bonus amount) X 20]. Now this might sound like a lot, but if you play online slots often, it’s just extra money that you can earn along the way.

Besides the signup offer, another online slots bonus that you can earn is VIP points (a.k.a. frequent player points). These points advance you up the levels in VIP clubs, and the higher your level is in the VIP club, the more bonus money you’ll be able to earn as a result. To earn these VIP points, you just need to play real money slots games and keep making bets; as you do this, you’ll get VIP points based on how much money you’ve wagered.

One more common slots casino bonus you can earn revolves around slots tournaments. These events offer cash prizes based on who plays the most online slots during a specified time period. For example, if the online slots tournament takes place over the weekend, the top bettors will receive cash prizes based on where they finish on the leaderboard. And when you throw this bonus in along with all of the other online slots bonuses, there is a lot of extra money to be won by playing internet slots.