Should you play American Roulette?

Should you play American Roulette

American roulette is one of the oldest and most classic roulette games of all-time. In fact, it was the original form of regulated roulette since it was offered in Paris casinos in 1796. However, somewhere along the way, other roulette games started coming into the casino scene such as European roulette and French roulette.

What’s important about this is that both of these games contained one less number than the American roulette wheel. Going further, this one less number made the house edge drop from 5.26% to 2.70%. Expanding on the French roulette game, there is also a La Partage rule that awards players back half of their even money bet when the ball lands on zero; this rule further reduces the house edge down to 1.35%. As you can see, this gives players a much better chance to win profits!

Even the game of mini roulette can offer players more of an advantage when the La Partage rule is involved. The usual and unsightly 7.89% house edge of mini roulette suddenly drops down to 3.95% when the La Partage rule is in play – making it more player-friendly than American roulette. This being said, many people wonder if it’s even worth playing American roulette these days.

And the answer is, no, it’s not a good idea to play American roulette anymore. This is especially true when you consider that online casinos make all roulette games more accessible to the average person, so they can find European and French roulette with ease. And when you can take advantage of a much lower house edge, it doesn’t make sense to opt for the lesser American roulette game.

About the only time that you should even consider American roulette is when some kind of special bonus is offered by the casino that lowers their house edge. For example, if there is a progressive jackpot or something similar, it might be kind of fun to play a game of American roulette. But other than this, you should definitely stay away from this game because the house has such a big advantage. Only play it if you are a recreational player who isn’t overly-concerned with wins and losses.