Score Bet Canada

TheScore Bet Canada is a brand-new and innovative mobile sports betting solution that offers Canadian users an easy and convenient way to place wagers on their favorite sports. With theScore Bet Canada, you’ll be able to bet on all of your favorite teams, players and events from anywhere in the country. Whether you’re watching at home or out with friends, theScore Bet Canada has got you covered.

The mobile app is powered by cutting-edge technology, which allows for fast and secure placement of bets in real-time. The app also features advanced analytics tools, so you can make informed decisions about your bets before committing any funds. Plus, live betting is available for select games and markets, giving users even more opportunities to capitalize on their knowledge of the sport and make a winning wager.

With theScore Bet Canada, you can also take advantage of exclusive promotions and offers that are tailored to Canadian customers. Get great bonuses when you refer a friend or deposit for the first time, unlock free bets with special codes, and more. Plus, if you have questions about betting or would like to learn more about sports betting in general, the app’s friendly customer support team is there to answer your inquiries.

TheScore Bet Canada is the perfect mobile solution for all Canadian sports bettors who want an easy way to place wagers on their favorite teams and players. With great odds, secure banking options, advanced analytics tools and exclusive offers for Canadian customers – theScore Bet Canada is the premier mobile sports betting platform. Download the app today and start wagering on your favorite teams and events. Good luck! 

​And don’t forget to check out theScoreBet Canada’s website for more detailed information about their services, products, and promotions. With this knowledge at your disposal, you’re sure to make winning bets every time you place a wager. Happy gambling! 

With theScore Bet Canada—you can bet with confidence knowing that your bets are secure and in good hands. The mobile app offers up-to-date data analytics tools so you can make informed decisions before committing any funds, as well as live betting for select games and markets giving users even more chances to capitalize on their knowledge of the sport. Plus, you can take advantage of exclusive promotions and offers that are tailored specifically for Canadian customers—unlock free bets with special codes, receive great bonuses when you refer a friend or deposit for the first time, and more. Download the mobile app today and start wagering on your favorite teams and events! Good luck! 

Our Story

theScore Bet is the first mobile sports betting platform in North America that uniquely harnesses the power of media and betting through seamless integration with our flagship app. With extensive pre-match, in-game and post-game content, plus live streaming of marquee events, we deliver an engaging experience for fans that want to bet on sports. Our app offers a comprehensive range of markets on football (soccer), basketball, ice hockey, baseball and more, as well as unique features like ‘cash out’ that let you take control of your bets. Plus, we offer competitive odds and a wide range of betting options – from simple straight bets to complex parlays – so you can make your own luck. Download now and get a free $10 bet! TheScore Bet is available now in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. For more information visit

TheScore Bet Ontario Sportsbook Review

TheScore Bet Ontario sportsbook is the latest entrant into the Canadian online sports betting market. This app is a partnership between theScore and Barstool Sports, two of the biggest names in sports media. TheScore Bet offers a wide range of features, including pre-match and in-play betting, live scores and updates, as well as extensive data on teams and athletes. You can also bet on individual events or props, making it a great choice for those who like to keep their bets simple. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Get started today!

If you’re a sports fan, theScore is a must-have app on your phone. It keeps you up to date with scores and news from all over the world. And now, they’ve launched their own sportsbook, theScore Bet. You can place bets seamlessly from within the original app. So whether you’re rooting for your favorite team or betting on who will win, theScore has you covered. Download it now and start placing bets!

Single Game Sports Betting

Now you can bet on single games with theScore Bet mobile app Ontario. This easy-to-use app has all the betting options you need for a fun and exciting game-day experience. Whether you are a seasoned sports bettor or just looking to have some fun, theScore Bet has you covered. With quick and easy deposits, you can get in on the action in no time. So what are you waiting for? Download theScore Bet today!

Live Betting at theScore Bet Ontario

theScore Bet is the ultimate destination for Live Betting on sports. Whether you’re looking to bet on the Maple Leafs game in progress, or a game that’s about to start, we’ve got you covered. We offer a wide variety of sports, with odds that change as the games progress. So whether you’re an experienced bettor or just starting out, we’ve got something for everyone. Plus, our easy-to-use app makes placing a wager quick and easy. So why wait? Download theScore Bet today and get started on your betting journey!

theScoreBet offers Live Betting on a large variety of sports beyond hockey including soccer, football, basketball and more. Just click on the game on either of the apps and the live markets appear. As in pre-game wagering, just click on and your wager will go into a betting slip. Odds can move quickly; they may even change between the time you first click on the wager and when you fill in an amount and hit “Send”. Download now to experience all that our app has to offer!

Bet Tracking

The theScore Bet app makes it easy to keep track of your bets. You can set the app to track your games, and it will move them to the top of the list. You can also choose to get alerts and updates on your games, so you never miss a beat. This is a great feature if you want to try Live Betting. It’s also helpful as a way to learn your strengths and weaknesses as a sports bettor. Figure out which bets you should make more of, and which ones you should avoid altogether – with the help of theScore Bet Canada!

Customizable Mobile App

theScore Bet sportsbook Ontario lets you customize their app so that you can choose which leagues move to the top of your screen. Click on the “Leagues” at the bottom right of the app then click on “Manage” at the top right.

From there you can drag leagues up and down the screen, or even drop the leagues completely. Within leagues you can select or eliminate what you feature, say certain conferences in NCAA football or Wild Card standings in the NHL. You can also choose “Favorites” on theScore Bet app for quick access.

This gives you instant scores, news and highlights for teams, players or leagues that matter to you most. Compared to other betting apps, like Drafkings Ontario Betting App, you will find more media and news on theScore Bet. These features make it one of the best betting apps in Ontario for sports fans.