Roulette Tips & Strategy Guide

Roulette Tips & Strategy Guide


Unlike some of the more in-depth casino games like blackjack, roulette strategy is extremely easy to learn. For starters, almost every bet offers the same house edge, so you can’t go wrong with making most wagers. Beyond this, none of the roulette tips require any major analysis or mathematics. This being said, learning online roulette strategy is a piece of cake, and here is a look at some of the main things you need to remember.

If there’s one thing that serious roulette players are fascinated with, it’s the concept of wheel bias. The wheel bias theory centers on the idea…

Avoid the 5 Number Bet

As mentioned before, almost every roulette wager offers the same house edge. The only wager that doesn’t fall in line with the rest is the five number bet. For example, if you are playing American roulette, the house edge jumps from 5.26% on every other wager to 7.89% with the 5 number bet. In short, you’ll be better off if you avoid the five number bet in online roulette.

Look for European Roulette

This is one of the most tried-and-true roulette tips out there because you lower the house edge drastically by playing European roulette over American roulette. The house edge drops from 5.26% with American roulette, down to 2.63% with the European version. The great thing about online roulette casinos is that, if you don’t find European roulette offered, you can always leave and deposit somewhere else. Assuming you plan on playing a lot of online roulette, it’s definitely worth it to find European roulette games.

Make High Odds Wagers with a Small Bankroll

One of the most fun things about internet roulette is the variety of bets that you can make. And the bets range from the safer odd/even bets (9:8 odds of winning) versus the much riskier single number bets (37:1 odds of winning in European roulette). As discussed before, there is virtually no advantage one way or the other in terms of house edge. However, the difference in the odds of winning is huge depending on where your bankroll stands. For example, if you have a bankroll of $100 and you’re making $5 bets, wagering on lots of single number bets is foolish because your bankroll would disappear pretty quick. However, if you have a bankroll of $5,000, you can afford to make these bets because you can survive the long periods without a win.