Roulette Bonus

Roulette Bonus

While excellent software and realistic-looking graphics have helped increase the popularity of online roulette, it’s the bonuses that have really done the trick. In fact, players have flocked to take advantage of the biggest and best bonuses available. But as many people know, it’s not always the biggest roulette bonus that’s the smart choice. You also have to keep some other factors in mind when going for an online roulette bonus, including the following aspects.

Roulette Bonus Size

The first thing that everybody is going to look at when it comes to a roulette bonus is the size. After all, players want to have a chance to earn the biggest roulette bonus possible, so size definitely matters in this equation. If you plan on playing a lot of roulette right away, you may want to go after a bonus worth $300 or more. Assuming you’re a high roller, you could even chase after a roulette bonus worth $1,000!

Wagering Requirements

Unfortunately, not everything is as easy as going for the biggest roulette bonus. This being the case, you also need to read the fine print to find out what the wagering requirements are. After reading about the wagering requirements, you’ll normally see something about how players must bet up to 20 times the size of the bonus amount + deposit amount. So if you deposited $200 for a $200 match bonus, you would add these two numbers together ($400), then multiply by 20 to find that you need to wager $8,000 total. This is a pretty basic wagering requirement for most roulette bonuses, although there are higher requirements that reach as high as 50X the deposit amount + bonus amount. You definitely want to avoid going for these bonuses because you’re not getting as much value here!

Time Allotted

One more thing you need to look at when checking out the fine print is how much time you have to earn a roulette bonus. The majority of online casinos don’t give you forever to get the bonus, so you need to think about how the time allotted fits the amount of online roulette you play. If you only play roulette for a couple of hours every week, trying to earn a $500 bonus in two months isn’t going to work. However, if you’re going after a $100 bonus in the same amount of time, you have a much more realistic shot at earning the bonus.