Online Bingo Tips & Strategies

Online Bingo Tips & Strategies


Since bingo is a relatively simple game to play, most people don’t take time to learn online bingo strategy. However, you stand a much better chance of being a long-term winning bingo player if you’re willing to spend some time learning bingo tips. And contrary to what many people think, there are plenty of tips that will improve your chances of winning. Keeping this in mind, here is some online bingo strategy that will give you a better shot at winning big.

Look for Games with an Advantage

Some online bingo games offer fixed prizes that few people are playing for. Seeing as how there is less competition for these prizes, you can actually gain an advantage by playing for them. That’s because the bingo room putting up the prize has to cover the overlay (amount not covered by player buy-ins), which gives players a slight advantage. Your best chance for finding games like these is on the weekdays for the obvious fact that fewer players are online at this time.

Stick to your Bankroll

You can’t win in online bingo games if you aren’t playing. And the quickest way to get out of the game is by exercising poor bingo bankroll management. One thing you need to do to avoid blowing through your bingo bankroll is only deposit money that you can afford to lose. So if the maximum that you can afford to lose is $200, don’t be depositing any more than this in your account. Even if you run out of this money quickly, you’ll be less tempted to keep playing since you’ll have to go through the deposit process all over again.

Use the Auto-Dauber Sometimes

It’s always more fun when you’re actually marking the card yourself after numbers are called. Of course, the key is that you have to be focused and paying attention, which is difficult to do sometimes. So when you feel yourself losing focus, you should use the auto-dauber to avoid missing any of the numbers that are called.

Participate in Promotions and go for Bonuses

If you play a lot of bingo and you’re not taking advantage of online bingo promotions and bonuses, this is a huge mistake. Bonuses and promotions are excellent ways to put extra money in your pocket, and they add a lot of enjoyment to the game. Whatever bingo room you choose to play at, make sure that you are cashing in on bingo bonuses whenever the opportunity arises.