Is Live Roulette Safe?

One of the latest crazes in online casinos these days is live roulette, which offers players the chance to play in a live casino setting through their computer. Getting into the specifics, there is a live dealer, live roulette table, and an animated roulette table on your screen. In some cases, there is even a chat function, which gives you the opportunity to either speak or type messages to the dealer and/or other players. All of this adds up to a pretty entertaining experience for roulette players.

But some people are worried about this experience, and are afraid that they might get cheated by the casino. This fear isn’t totally invalidated either because players don’t have a chance to visit the live roulette casinos where they play; instead, the casino is located at another location, and players are only seeing it via their computer screen.

As for the actual fears, people think that some casinos might try to mess with the roulette wheel to give themselves a bigger advantage, or put magnets around the wheel so the dealer can control where the ball goes. Furthermore, there are no known inspectors to look at the roulette wheels such as the ones you see in land-based casinos, which worries people even more. In a sense, there are multiple ways that a live roulette casino could cheat.

However, it’s also worth mentioning that there has never been a known live roulette scandal, and the casinos that offer these services are all fairly reputable operations. In short, most of these big online casinos wouldn’t put their reputation on the line just to make a few extra bucks when they’re already making enough money off of live roulette as it is.

The only tricks you have to watch out for are the hot female dealers that these casinos use to entice players. It’s not mistake that online casinos hire good-looking women to deal these roulette games since they want you chatting, betting lots of money, and having a fun time. In addition to this, the women dealers serve as eye candy to keep you content while you’re playing lots of roulette spins. But on the other hand, don’t worry as much about the aforementioned scandal fears.