How to Play Slots

How to Play Slots

Online slots is a pretty simple game, which means you shouldn’t have a whole lot of trouble figuring out how to play slots. Of course, there are still some finer points to playing online slots that you should know beginning with the bet amount.

The first thing you need to look at in regards to bets is the coin size, which is the amount of money that you’re betting with each coin. Most games display this amount at the top of the screen, and you can adjust the coin size with the arrows/controls provided. Coin size amounts vary based on the slots game you’re playing, but examples of coin sizes include $0.01, $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $1.25, $1.50, etc. Also, keep in mind that some slots games offer a fixed coin amount, so you won’t be able to make any changes here.

Once you have the coin size set at the desired amount, the next step is to look at how many coins you’re playing on each payline (discussed later). Some online slots games give you the opportunity to put anywhere from 1-10 coins (or more) on each payline, which increases the size of your prize with winning combinations. Much like the coin size, the number of coins on each line is fixed in some games so you can’t change this.

Another key thing to look at when you’re learning how to play slots online are the paylines. Many slots variations allow players to bet on multiple paylines to give them more opportunities to win on a single spin. Of course, you have to treat each payline as another bet, so you need to keep on eye on this number to make sure you can afford the bets. For example, if you only want to make $1 bets on each spin and your coin size is set at $0.50, you should only play two paylines at once. Any more and you would be betting over $1 per spin.

When you’ve properly set the paylines, coin size and coin amount, you can start spinning the reels. The online casino software will let you know when you’ve won a spin, and how much the winning spin is worth. If you don’t want to click spin every time and you’re happy with the current settings, you can choose “autoplay” on some games. This feature keeps automatically spinning the reels until you choose to stop it.

The last thing you should know in regards to learning how to play slots is that most games provide a “Help” button to answer any questions you might have. This section normally contains a list of the payouts, and if there are any wild or multiplier symbols (multiply wins) you should know about.