Craps Tips & Strategy Guide

Craps Tips & Strategy Guide


Craps offers more gambling systems than any other casino game since there are so many different bets that can be made. And while these systems are fun to try, the best craps strategy is to stick with bets that offer the lowest house edge. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find the best bets from a craps strategy standpoint because most of the main ones offer a fairly low house edge. Both pass line and don’t pass line bets only give the house a 1.41% edge, and you have close to a 50% chance of winning with these. Come and don’t come bets offer nearly an identical house edge at 1.40%, and they too have a high probability of winning.

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Some casinos online also give you the chance to back the aforementioned bets with odds. Odds bets are great because they don’t give the house any edge; instead, they are a 50/50 bet that reduces the house edge immensely. In fact, just by backing your original bet with 1X odds, the house edge is lowered to 0.68%. Back your bet with 2X odds, and the house edge gets lowered even more at 0.46%. As you can see, it pays to make craps odds bets whenever you get the chance.

Aside from the previously discussed bets, the only other wagers worth your time are the 6 and 8 place bets. Both of these bets only give the house edge a 1.52% edge, so these are great to make when you want to have multiple bets on the table at once. As far as the rest of the craps bets go, the Lay 4 and Lay 10 bets (2.44% house edge) are alright, but the others are pretty much garbage.

Some craps bets give the house a ridiculously high advantage such as the Any 7 wager, where the house holds a 16.67% edge. Now if you’ve got a high bankroll and you really want to get some action, go ahead and make other craps bets. However, beginning players should resist the temptation to try and make lots of new bets.

In addition to all of the other aforementioned craps tips, you should only make one bet at a time when you’re starting out. Obviously it’s more fun to have several bets going at once because this offers more action, but it is also a good way to drain your bankroll quickly.