Baccarat Bonus

Baccarat Bonus

Assuming you stick to a sound baccarat strategy, baccarat offers a very low house edge at just over 1%. This house edge gets even smaller when you factor in all of the online baccarat bonuses you can earn too.

The biggest baccarat bonus that you can receive is the signup bonus. Anytime you sign up at a new casino, you’re given the option to make a deposit; in turn, the casino gives you an opportunity to earn extra bonus money in the form of a signup bonus. An example of a signup bonus would be a 100% match up to $200. To unlock the bonus amount, you need to meet the betting requirements, which normally involve wagering between 20X to 50X the amount of the deposit amount and bonus size combined.

Once the signup bonus is out of the way, you’ll start to appreciate the VIP program more because this will become your new lifeline for bonus money. Pretty much all casinos run some kind of VIP program to reward frequent players, so the more you play online baccarat, the more VIP bonuses you’ll be able to earn. Many casinos give players the chance to advance up the VIP program levels as they earn bonuses, which is even more incentive to play lots of baccarat online.

Another commonly offered online baccarat bonus is given for referring friends to an online casino. As the name implies, refer-a-friend bonuses award you for getting buddies to sign up at the casino where you play. If your friend makes a deposit and/or continues to play after they sign up, you’ll earn more bonus money that you can use to keep playing internet baccarat.

Yet another baccarat bonus worth discussing is the regular deposit bonus. These are bonuses offered on deposits after your signup bonus is either cleared or expired. Just like with a signup bonus, you earn regular deposit bonuses by meeting wagering requirements within a specific time frame. The great thing about these bonuses is that they enable you to keep earning money long after the welcome bonus is gone.

All in all, online casinos give baccarat players quite a few ways to earn additional bonus money away from the tables. And seeing as how the house edge is so low, you could possibly overcome this house advantage by earning frequent bonuses! Of course, first thing’s first, and you need to sign up at an online casino to make yourself eligible for these baccarat bonuses.